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Heavy Duty Horizontal 222 Mhz Loop for CW or SSB

Tunes 221 to 223 Mhz.

5/16" diameter aluminum solid rod

gamma match tuning 50 ohms

SO-239 silver plated teflon connector 

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel U-Bolt type mast clamp

Great for rover or base

                         Tuning instructions and set up measurments below

If you check the swr and it needs  adjusting.

Start by loosening the set screw that holds the

gamma match outer tube in shorting bar.

Move outer tube closer or farther away from

the SO-239 connector until lowest swr is found.

If swr is still to high, loosen the set screw on

shorting bar that holds it to the element.

Move the shorting bar closer or farther away

from SO-239 connector until the lowest swr is

found. A combination of both will yeild a flat swr

at the desired frequency.

Tighten set screws when done.

Measurments shown are a starting point only.

Warning!!!! Antennas made out of aluminum and stainless steel are excellent conductors of electricity

Contact with power lines can result in death or serious injury

Do not install antenna, tower or supporting mast near any power lines

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