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              Heavy Duty 6 Meter Loop Antenna

50mhz 6 meter loop

                               Warning !!!!!!

Antennas made out of aluminum and stainless steel are excellent conductors of electricity.

Contact with power lines can result in death or serious injury.

Do not install antenna, tower or supporting mast near any power lines


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I designed this loop to use a large 7/8 inch diameter self supporting aluminum element

1-1/2 Stainless Steel U-Bolt Mast clamps fit any pipe 1-1/2 inch OD.

This Heavy Duty Loop is the result of years of testing. 

This is a heavy duty 50 Mhz, 6 meter loop.

Tunes 50.000 to 50.700 Mhz.

Tested up to 800 watts SSB.

Gain 1 to 4 dBd at 12 feet or more above ground

The self supporting element is made out of 7/8" diameter,  .125 wall thickness aluminum tubing.

Fully assembled measures 33" x 39"

This loop has been tested at winds speeds over 100+ mph

Works great for rovers or base

All stainless steel and aluminum construction

1-1/2 inch Stainless Steel U-Bolt Mast clamps fit 1-1/2" outside daimeter mast pipes.

2 inch clamps available upon request

SO-239 silver plated teflon connector, 50 Ohms, Gamma Match tuning

shipping wt. 8 lbs.   

Settings shown for 6 meter loop are a starting point only!!!

To fine tune your loop to your setup.

first check the swr. If it is too high start by moving the gamma match outer tube closer or farther away from the SO-239 connector until the lowest swr reading is found. If swr is still too high, move gamma match shorting bar closer or farther away from SO-239 connector until lowest swr is found. A combination of both adjustments will yield a flat swr at 50.125 MHz.

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