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                               Warning !!!!!!

Antennas made out of aluminum and stainless steel are excellent conductors of electricity.

Contact with power lines can result in death or serious injury.

Do not install antenna, tower or supporting mast near any power lines


              Heavy Duty 6 Meter Antenna

Years of testing during summer time thunder storms with winds 100+ mph.

Winter time snow, Ice and high winds. This 6 meter antenna can handle it all.

The element is so strong it's self supporting. No need for added support.

Rover tested at or above highway speeds. Several are in use at beacons through out the

USA now. It's the perfect addon antenna for those who have a high gain directional yagi.

This antenna can hear/work  stations in all directions. Your high gain yagi can't do that.

This works great for digital modes like FT8, or CW or SSB. (not intended for AM/FM)

Can be mounted on a mast pipe or right to the side of a Rohn tower. (no offset required) 

Antenna Description:

Element----------------- 7/8 inch outside diameter/ .125 wall thickness 6063 aluminum tube

Useable Frequency-- 49.000 to 52.000 MHz. (adjustable)


* Frequency Adjustable Element tips*--- 1 MHz band width

Power Rating---- Tested up to 800 watts SSB for a single loop/ 1.5 kw for pair.

Gain------------------- 1 to 4 dBd. depends on height above ground/angle/obstructions/surroundings/etc.

Directivity------------- Omnidirectional

Polarity---------------- Horizontal

Impedance----------- 50 Ohms

Tuning----------------- Gamma Match

Connector------------ SO-239 silver plated

Mast Clamps--------  1-1/2 inch U-bolt type with aluminum saddles

Fully assembled measures 33" x 39"

Minimum mounting height above ground----- 15 feet

Stacking distance------ 13 feet.

shipping wt.--- 8 lbs.


Item not available at this time  


Please contact me via email with any questions.




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