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Tuning Instructions below for those who purchase the loop in kit form

  If you need to adjust the gamma match for a lower SWR,

Loosen both set screws on the gamma match shorting bar.  Move it to where the swr is the lowest. Retighten

set screws when done. It should be some where around 2-1/4 to 2-3/4" Start at 2-1/2"

The frequency is set on this loop through element length and gap at element ends.

The element length is already set.

You can change the distance between the element ends by spreading them apart or pushing them closer together.

The frequency center will be where you have the lowest swr.

Check to see at what frequency you have the lowest swr.

If it is not where you want it , to change it, first measure the distance between element ends to give you a starting

point. Then proceed with spreading apart or reducing the distance.

The greater the distance between element ends, raises the frequency.

Reducing the distance will lower the frequency.

Measure the distance each time and recheck the frequency to see where you now have the lowest swr.

Once you get it where you want it, Write down on a sheet of paper what the measurements are. This will make it 

easy to readjust it at a later date if needed.

Measurments shown below are only a starting point.  

Always mount loop with gamma match and mast clamp on bottom side of loop.  


Daniel M.


© 2011  FreqTester

2 meter loops are built by many antenna manufactures. Most use 1/4 inch diameter solid aluminum rod. Some use

aluminum tubing. What makes my loop different ? 

I use a 5/16 inch diameter solid aluminum rod. It is larger and more rigged than the 1/4 inch.

Tunes 144.000 to 148.000 Mhz.

11" x 11" fully assembled

Gain 4 to 5 dBd

Designed for base or mobile use

All stainless steel & aluminum

SO-239 silver plated teflon connector

Gamma match tuning, 50 ohms

Comes in kit form or assembled and tested.  


Warning !!!!!  These antennas are excellent conductors of electricity

Contact with power lines can result in death or serious injury

Do not install antenna, tower or supporting mast near any power lines

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